Thursday, 1 September 2016

Going to big school and other major changes ahead.

Next week is a busy time for all mums and dads and there will be many taking their children to school for the first time  I remember the day I took my son to reception I think I was more nervous than he was.

But this time after three years at infants he is moving to a new school to start in junior school.  Here he will have a uniform for the first time and start to do a lot more work.  I am so nervous for my son and excited at the same time.  This last month and a bit my son has been very overwhelmed by it all.  Most children would be OK but he's had a lot on his little shoulders this last year.  And the last few months even more so.  Not only is he about to start a new school, his father and I have divorced and he will soon be moving out of the only home he has known.  And for a 7 year old to have all this on his shoulders he is doing OK,  I think sometimes better than his mum.

Yet there have been days when there have been tears from the little fella and I have had to do my best to keep it together and look brave for my little boy.  The other day he was upset over a very small thing and knowing my son and knew there was something else on his mind.  So we sat down and I asked, "What is it darling? Are you still worried with mummy and daddy living in different houses?"
He looked up at me still a little teary, "No mummy."
I hugged him and asked, "Is it that the house is sold and we will be moving to a new one?"
He bit his lip, and shrugged "Can't we stay here?"
I sighed "No honey, we have to move, the house is too big for just you and me."
"Can't we cut the house in half?"
I smiled, "A good idea but not what we can do.  Think of this as an adventure.  Remember that it isn't the house that makes a home it's who you are sharing it with."
He put his arms around me and said, "Yes with you mummy."
But he still looked worried so I asked, "Is something else worrying you?"
He nodded slowly, "What if my toys get lost when we move?"
Then I suddenly realised what he was worried about.  Most of you will remember Toy Story and Buzz and Woody getting left behind?  Well that was what was worrying him, that some of his toys would get lost.  I gave him a big hug and a kiss and said, "Don't worry, I will make sure all your toys are packed safely and will walk round the house to make sure none are left behind."
He gave me a big hug and a kiss and smiled, "Thank you mummy, I love you."
I hugged him too and secretly wiped away a tear.  In so many ways I thought my little boy was getting grown up, but in one vulnerable moment he was still only little. He sat on my lap while we hugged and talked about the exciting times ahead and slowly he looked less worried and before long was off being a ninja once more.

So I am a little apprehensive about next week but also know there is more than a new school ahead of us.  Yet where ever we are I know my little boy will always have those moments where he'll need some reassurance and even though he's growing up he is still vulnerable and will need those loving hugs only a mummy could give him. Yet I am also proud of him as for a very sensitive child he's also very brave and I know will be OK with the changes ahead.