Sunday, 25 February 2018

Disaster dates

So as you know since becoming single again, I have tried dating sites and thought I would let you into some of my experiences on them. Well, there are a few but after the last post about photos I thought I would let you into one of my disaster dates, and yes I had a few! 

Let's see;

  • I have been stood up
  • date cancelled less than an hour before after I had left work early and was getting ready,
  • met a couple of men with very bad hygiene (I almost needed a hazmat suit for one!),
  • them not making any effort at all to make a good first impression,
  • more interested in a woman sitting at the next table,
  • to just knowing you weren’t going to get along.

So with all these dating sites, you have to go by the information in their profile and pictures that they upload, see last post, and by the messages, you get from the men who view your profile to see if you will get along. 

So I am tall, 5ft 7in, and like heels so prefer a man to be of a certain height, they don’t have to be taller than me when I am in heels but I do like them to be taller than me in my cotton socks, so one thing I look at is their height, as well as their age, I keep to 5 years younger and 6 years older than me, and that we have a few things in common so we are able to get along.

So after a while on one site, one bloke started talking to me and he seemed nice so we chatted for a bit and then it progressed to wanting to meet.  So I thought we have a few things in common, what the hell let’s see what happens.

What a disaster!! 

When I turned up at the pub we arranged to meet at, I saw this old bloke waiting outside and as I got closer I realised he was my date!  He was ten years older than his pictures and more like 57, not 47!!  Then as I got even closer I realised it wasn’t just his age he’d lied about.  Well what a sight me walking into a pub in my heels towering above an old short bloke!  I was so tempted to just turn and run, but thought nope I’ll have one drink and give him a chance.
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So what seemed like forever waiting at the bar to get served and me towering over him.  We found a table and I felt relieved to no longer have to look down at him, but the conversation just wasn’t there and I had never met anyone sooooooo boring!  He just moaned about everything from the weather to his job and didn't ask anything about me or to be honest let me talk. So when our drinks were finished, which didn't take long for me as I needed to do something while he continually moaned, I made my excuses.  He nodded and wanted to walk out with me.  So once outside the pub, I said it was nice meeting him but didn’t think there was any spark between us and good luck in his search.  He nodded and then promptly moaned again, this time about the fact I was wearing heels!!!  I just looked (down) at him as I couldn’t believe it and so tempted to say something.  But being a lady I just smiled coldly and said, “Well all the best.” And walked away.   Driving home I was thinking, how could he moan at me, when he was the one who lied about his age and his height.

Well I didn’t message him again!!

I am happy to say, that I am no longer on dating sites as I have hopefully found that special someone.  But even if I hadn’t I know for a fact I would have come off them anyway, as I had had enough of so many false men and sick of them after only one thing!!  So all you singles girls out there if you want to give dating sites a go, then go for it, as there are some genuine men out there, but just remember they aren’t always what they seem and over my experiences I have come to trust my gut, and if your gut tells you to stay away from someone on these sites as something feels off, trust it, as from my experiences 99% of the time it’s right. 

I have met and kissed a few frogs on my journey in the dating world on and off dating sites, but I am now about to start a new chapter in my life and feel excited about the path set out before me and hoping this develops into something amazing.